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Linux / Raspberry Pi Puzzle #1

Welcome to the first linux / raspberry pi / bash puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is to, given a single file, manipulate and get it to output this: ************************ *** Puzzle Complete! *** ************************ In order to make the challenge more interesting, there are a few rules that you should follow: You may change […]

Building and Installing Python 3.4 from source

This tutorial asssumes basic knowledge of the raspberry pi’s (or linux) terminal. Since Raspberry Pis currently come with a slightly outdated version of Python 3, you may want to update it to a more recent version. The following instructions should work for any version of python – Python 3.4 is used here as an example. […]

Linux Command Line Reference

Linux Terminal Reference Sheet Command Function ls List the contents of the current directory cd orange Change the current directory to the sub-folder orange cd .. Change the current directory to the parent folder cd ~ Change the current directory to your home folder rm banana.txt Delete the file banana.txt rmdir pineapple Delete the directory pineapple, but only […]

Setting up a Raspberry Pi

Setting up a Raspberry PI You will need… Item Price (approx) Raspberry Pi £27 SD Card £10 Monitor £110 HDMI Cable £2 Powered USB Hub1 £20 Mouse £7 Keyboard £10 Ethernet Cable2 £2 Wifi Dongle3 £9 Total Price £197 Note that half of these things are not required if you are going to use your Raspberry […]

How to get a raspberry Pi to set up a wireless ad-hoc network, but only if it is not already connected

This tutorial post will show you how to get a raspberry pi to set up a wireless ad-hoc network, but only if it not already connected. The wireless hotspot will also Dynamically assign IP Addresses to clients that connect. Things that you should already have A Raspberry Pi + SD Card (already set up) A […]

How to control the onboard ACT LED in bash

This post will show you how to control the onboard ACT led on the raspberry pi. To start with, run the following command to allow you to use the led: sudo echo none > /sys/class/leds/led0/trigger The above will prevent the light from acting as a disk activity indicator (the default. You may need to run […]

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Input and output devices for computer accessability

Read the passage about Stephen Hawkins’ computer. Use the following websites to research assistive technologies and assemble a list of Input and Output devices that improve, increase or maintain access to computers for people with disabilities. For each one you must explain how it allows access to technology.    

Raspberry Pi – Identifying hardware lesson

Little Man Computer

This is the link to the little man activities. Mr Mac will use a power point in the lesson to direct you through the activities, however if you are using this link to review work (or you are not on the course) the web page has activities for you to try.

Portable Python

Here is the download page for portable python If anybody needs a zip instead of a self extracting zip, please comment on this post and I will update it with a download link to a zip.

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