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Setting up a Raspberry Pi

Setting up a Raspberry PI You will need… Item Price (approx) Raspberry Pi £27 SD Card £10 Monitor £110 HDMI Cable £2 Powered USB Hub1 £20 Mouse £7 Keyboard £10 Ethernet Cable2 £2 Wifi Dongle3 £9 Total Price £197 Note that half of these things are not required if you are going to use your Raspberry […]

Setting up your pi to accept remote desktop connections (and how to connect to it)

Note: rdp is used as an abbreviation for “remote desktop connection” in this article. Step 1 Open a terminal window if you are in the GUI. Type in the following: sudo apt-get install xrdp Now restart your pi. Step 2 SSH into your pi and type startx. Now disconnect from the SSH session. This will […]

Remote Desktop for the Pi

Many people use TeamViewer, as it is easy and globally used. This only works on conventional processors and is very fiddly to get working on a pi. The alternative is to connect to your pi, as if you were using ssh. Then virtualise a version of x server to allow you to see the exactly […]

Getting started with the Linux command line Worth checking out if you are new to linux.