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October, 2012

Servoblaster: Installation

Firstly you need firmware updated to 3.2.27 I posted about this here Install Git sudo apt-get install git Then use Git to clone the files git clone git:// Move to the folder cd PiBits//ServoBlaster Load servoblaster sudo insmod ./servoblaster.ko Now do this command to find what number you nee for the following command (its […]

Remote Desktop for the Pi

Many people use TeamViewer, as it is easy and globally used. This only works on conventional processors and is very fiddly to get working on a pi. The alternative is to connect to your pi, as if you were using ssh. Then virtualise a version of x server to allow you to see the exactly […]

Flashing lights (GPIO/Python challenge)

Last week many of you got an LED flashing from the GPIOs using Python. You started with the code from time import sleep #To use the command sleep from the module time import RPi.GPIO as GPIO #To use commands the GPIO control module GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) #To make the numbering of the GPIOs better GPIO.setup(7, GPIO.OUT) #To […]

Controlling Servos Using the Pi

Googled this topic quite thoroughly, and the bottom line is: it looks like it can’t be done effectively without additional hardware. Code already exists to set up a serial connection over usb on the Pi to an arduino. Then use the arduino to control the servos and the pi to send the commands and run the code. […]

Sprite destruction

Righty-ho, basicly my overall plan is to make a tower defense game but: -I cannot find how to get a sprite to become destroyed as part of a script. -Also i cannot think of how to get  sprite to target another sprite. Any help would be great!

Python tutorials, getting started.

Lets start then… Then signup to this

GPIO instructions for PI

step 1: Update your Python installs with the python dev package. This will avoid a “fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory” sudo apt-get install python-dev step 2: download the GPIO module. The version may change so ensure you check for the most up to date version At the time of writing the […]

Python portable setup for a USB memory stick Get both version 2 and 3.

Maplin robot arm on PI

Tricky one this, the modules were the pain Step 1: Install wxPython – I think this is the GUI module sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 python-wxtools wx2.8-i18n Step 2: Install PyUSB – so python can interact with the robot arm by USB. I ended up having to install PIP to get this sorted. […]

I found a no glue case… Might be worth trying out if the file can be converted to 2Ddesign

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