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Linux / Raspberry Pi Puzzle #1

Welcome to the first linux / raspberry pi / bash puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is to, given a single file, manipulate and get it to output this:

*** Puzzle Complete! ***

In order to make the challenge more interesting, there are a few rules that you should follow:

  • You may change at most 1 line in each file (most puzzles will generate a few files before you complete them).
  • You must not call an interpreter and tell it to open any file like this: python (if #!/usr/bin/env python3 is at the top of a python file for example, you can type the following to execute it: ./
  • You can’t add a line to any script that would output the above text to complete the puzzle.
  • Scripts must not crash with a traceback if the puzzle is complete.

The puzzle can be found here:

The sha1 checksum of the puzzle is “e66ff7e6b832b3b97e9f9e0bdb210f82ee31c109“. The filesize is 278 bytes.

Comment below if you managed to complete the puzzle or if you have any questions about the rules.

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