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Remote Desktop for the Pi

Many people use TeamViewer, as it is easy and globally used. This only works on conventional processors and is very fiddly to get working on a pi.

The alternative is to connect to your pi, as if you were using ssh. Then virtualise a version of x server to allow you to see the exactly what is being outputted by your pi, and even control it with your desktop mouse and keyboard.

  1. Set up ssh:
  2. Next download and run PuTTy:
  3. Then configure PuTTy with your ssh information, and these settings:
  4. Connect to your ssh server and log in.
  5. Download and install Xming:
  6. Run Xlaunch with all default settings, a large grey/black/white/checker box should appear. It will cover a large portion of your screen. (You can Alt-TAB it out of the way)
  7. Type into your ssh terminal: startlxde
  8. You are now virtualizing the x server of your RPi!

Comment or ask me any questions if it goes wrong. tested on WIN7.

EDIT: (Also this works over a local network, or over the internet. To do this set up ssh for use over the internet.)

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