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Servoblaster: Installation

Firstly you need firmware updated to 3.2.27 I posted about this here

Install Git

sudo apt-get install git

Then use Git to clone the files

git clone git://

Move to the folder

cd PiBits//ServoBlaster

Load servoblaster

sudo insmod ./servoblaster.ko

Now do this command to find what number you nee for the following command (its some process number or something) mine turned out to be 251

grep servoblaster /proc/devices

Then make a file to write commands to in /dev called servoblaster (note that if your number returned previously was not 251 then change it.

sudo mknod -m 0666 /dev/servoblaster c 251 0

I can nto move my servos forward and back by sending commands to the /dev/servoblaster file

echo 0=150 > /dev/servoblaster
echo 0=200 > /dev/servoblaster
echo 0=100 > /dev/servoblaster
echo 0=150 > /dev/servoblaster

these 4 commands set the pulsewidth to different times. The author of this mod has used 10ms as the unit so 0=150 means “set servo 0 to 1500ms”
1500ms (stationary for my servo)
2000ms (superfast forward)
1000ms (superfast backwards)
1500ms (stationary again)

There are 8 servos available 0-7. All the above comes from this forum post

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